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WELCOME to the online offices of Consulting Editors Alliance, a group of highly skilled independent book editors, each with a minimum of 15 years' New York publishing experience

We can help you get your book ready to publish and advise you on every aspect of publishing from the editorial process to e-books. 

We've edited hundreds of acclaimed titles in virtually every category of fiction and non-fiction, including many national bestsellers.

THE SERVICES WE OFFER include development of book proposals, in-depth evaluation of manuscripts; project development; line editing and rewriting; "book doctoring"; and collaboration and ghost writing.

WE WORK WITH writers--published, unpublished, and self-published--as well as literary agents, packagers, and editors at major publishers and at small presses across the country.

WE HAVE EXPERTISE in every category of fiction and nonfiction--click here for a detailed list of publishing areas you may be interested in and the names of CEA editors who specialize in them.

MEET THE EDITORS by clicking here.  You’ll read profiles of every CEA member, learn about their professional experiences, and find out about some of the books and authors they’ve worked with.

INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE? Find answers to many of your questions about consulting editors and the publishing process here.  Read insightful articles by CEA members about writing and publishing by clicking here

WE WELCOME YOUR QUERIES and invite you to contact us. Please send a brief query letter rather than an unsolicited manuscript. Client lists, resumes, references and fees are available from our individual editors on request.  Our members adhere to a code of ethics that we take seriously.

PLEASE CALL ON ONE OF US whenever you need an experienced and dedicated editor.

CEA MEMBERS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE for speaking engagements, workshops, and presentations.  Contact us for information.


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